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    TCMS as smart as it can be

    ionia™ simplifies the TCMS design by integrating multiple communication protocols and multiple functions into one customconfigurable and space-saving input / output device. Including the proven duagon® know-how, ionia™ is fully compatible with all standards. You benefit from our full service and support to build your individual device according to your specific needs.

    A flexible and compact solution full of benefits

    • Our space-saving and light design enables mounting even where only little space is available
    • Capable of running complex and large applications by using a high performance 32 bit ARM® processor
    • Supports all train field buses:
      Ethernet, MVB, WTB, CAN, RS 485/422 and RS232
    • Full-custom extensions ready in a few weeks
    • Simple product configuration with our web-based tool
    • No board level maintenance needed due to electrolytic free design
    • Wire-saving extension with our remote IO products DXIO and DAXIO